【Finewriting|Fountainpen】Fenetro series - Kuroshio

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〔 產品描述 〕
  • nspired by the deep blue North Pacific gyre went past through east of TAIWAN, The Kuroshio (黒潮), also known as the Black Current, is a north-flowing, warm ocean current on the west side of the North Pacific Ocean throughout the year.
  • “Fenestro”, the word of “window” in Esperanto, is the whole new series of our fountain pens, the new “ink window” design not only allow the writer to check the level of ink, but also brings you the fun of watching the ink flows inside the barrel. Each unique acrylic pattern had been selected carefully to match design motif of “a scene through windowpane”.
  • The new series retains feature of our much acclaimed 3-way ink filling system. It takes International standard cartridge and converter, or you could just fill the barrel, with provided eyedropper, a full load of your favorite ink and enjoy a long-ride of writing. Precision-machined barrel using special resin is acid and alkali resistant, making it safe to fill with any fountain pen ink.
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